Before you proceed, make sure you have your BytzVPN username and password available. During purchase, it will be automatically created and you will see it in SETTINGS - MY ACCOUNT SETTINGS on Brax.Me (one of the checkmarked items).

To begin installation, you will need to download the individual certificate files for the region you want to use..

VPN Profiles
VPN Profiles are your choices of VPN servers. Each one represents a server location or a pool of servers in a location. Each pool area represents a location where we have servers.

The NoAds profiles are ones that have DNS blocking of ad domains using a pi-hole server.

Usually, the closest server to you is the fastest and best choice for performance. But you can use any location that suits your purpose.

America - Seattle
BytzVPNSeattle-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

America - Bay Area California
BytzVPNWest2-NoAds.ovpn (3/29/21)

America - Los Angeles California
BytzVPNLosAngeles-NoAds.ovpn (3/19/24)

America - Chicago
BytzVPNChicago-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

America - NYC
BytzVPNEast-NoAds.ovpn (2/5/21)

America - Dallas
BytzVPNSouth2-NoAds.ovpn (2/5/21)

America - Atlanta
BytzVPNAtlanta-NoAds.ovpn (8/29/21)

America - Miami
BytzVPNMiami-NoAds.ovpn (10/23/23)

America - Toronto
BytzVPNToronto-NoAds.ovpn (2/5/21)

Europe - Stockholm
BytzVPNStockholm-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

Europe - London
BytzVPNUK-NoAds.ovpn (11/1/20)

Europe - Frankfurt
BytzVPNGermany-NoAds.ovpn (11/1/20)

Europe - Paris
BytzVPNParis-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

Europe - Milan
BytzVPNMilan-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

Australia - Sydney
BytzVPNSydney-NoAds.ovpn (8/16/20)

Asia - Mumbai
BytzVPNMumbai-NoAds.ovpn (6/25/21)

Asia - Singapore
BytzVPNSingapore-NoAds.ovpn (11/9/20)

Asia - Japan
BytzVPNJapan-NoAds.ovpn (08/29/21)

TOR Pool
BytzVPNTOR.ovpn (7/13/20)

Always check the BytzVPN chat on Brax.Me for additional info.
Note: Other previous profiles that are not listed have been deprecated.

Certificate Downloads for Custom Linux Installs Only

BytzVPNEast CA Cert

BytzVPNEast Cert

BytzVPNEast Private Key


BytzVPNWest1 CA Cert

BytzVPNWest1 Cert

BytzVPNWest1 Private Key

BytzVPNWest1 TLS

BytzVPNSouth1 CA Cert

BytzVPNSouth1 Cert

BytzVPNSouth1 Private Key

BytzVPNSouth1 TLS



BytzVPNTOR Private Key

1. Once you install the packages, start up OpenVPN to make sure it works properly. Then enable it so that it starts automatically upon startup, thus eliminating the need to start from scratch and re-enter credentials upon each startup. Check its status too.

$ sudo systemctl start openvpn

$ sudo systemctl enable openvpn

$ sudo systemctl status openvpn

2. Next you'll need to import the .ovpn profile for whichever region you select.

$ cd ~

$ scp [insert profile name here]

3. Go to system Settings and then Network. Click the plus sign next to VPN.

4. In the next window, click "import from profile" and select the .ovpn file of the profile you want.

5. For non-Ubuntu systems, click on the network settings in system, check Network Connections, then click the plus sign to create a new connection. Select "Import a saved VPN configuration..." and press "Create".

6. After importing the .ovpn file, viewing the settings, and importing the credentials from Settings>My Account Settings>View VPN Credentials (on Brax.Me) click "Add".

7. Once you import it successfully, activate the OpenVPN under "Network".

8. Use $ip add to view the network tunnel interface for the newly installed VPN.

Skip these settings below if using BytzTOR.