BytzVPN - Windows Installation

Download the OpenVPN Client

Download OpenVPN Connect


You will need your BytzVPN username and password available to respond to the login prompt for the VPN. During purchase, your credentials are automatically created and you will see in SETTINGS - MY VPN SERVICE on Brax.Me. You will also receive a chat message from Tech Support with the credentials.


VPN Profiles or the ovpn files needed by the app are found in Brax.Me MY VPN SERVICE for those with active subscriptions. Your preferred region should be downloaded ahead of time before the installation. After download they will typically be found in the Downloads folder.


Install the msi file downloaded from the link above by clicking on it from your downloads folder. You will be prompted to provide an Adminstrator login and password before installations starts.


OpenVPN Connect can be found in START after the installation. Start the app and that should display the screen shown below.

Switch to the option to display FILE and this will show the screen below.

From here you can drag and drop ovpn files from your Downloads folder or browse the files manually. For every ovpn file you open, you will then be shown the next screen.

Enter your credentials as provided to you on Brax.Me SETTINGS - MY VPN SERVICE. Make sure to check the box "Save Password". Then click on CONNECT to save the setting. It will then do a connection to the VPN.

You will see your imported VPN profiles as an option to switch on. When you toggle the VPN on and it is sucessfully connected, it turns green as shown above.

To Auto-Restart OpenVPN after a reboot, go to Settings on OpenVPN and select the option that you prefer: "Connect Latest", or "Restore Connection".