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After purchasing, please follow these installation instructions. The only thing you will need in addition are your login credentials which will be automatically created and will appear on SETTINGS - MY ACCOUNT SETTINGS on Brax.Me.

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Linux Installation

Download these VPN Profile files for use with your VPN client. The profile BytzVPNTOR is a TOR routed VPN.

If you are on the BytzTOR plan, you only need the TOR ovpn.

VPN Profiles
VPN Profiles are your choices of VPN servers. Each one represents a server location or a pool of servers in a location. Each pool area represents a location where we have servers.

The NoAds profiles are ones that have DNS blocking of ad domains using a pi-hole server.

Usually, the closest server to you is the fastest and best choice for performance. But you can use any location that suits your purpose.

America - Seattle
BytzVPNSeattle-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

America - Bay Area California
BytzVPNWest2-NoAds.ovpn (3/29/21)

America - Los Angeles California
BytzVPNLosAngeles-NoAds.ovpn (3/19/24)

America - Chicago
BytzVPNChicago-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

America - NYC
BytzVPNEast-NoAds.ovpn (2/5/21)

America - Dallas
BytzVPNSouth2-NoAds.ovpn (2/5/21)

America - Atlanta
BytzVPNAtlanta-NoAds.ovpn (8/29/21)

America - Miami
BytzVPNMiami-NoAds.ovpn (10/23/23)

America - Toronto
BytzVPNToronto-NoAds.ovpn (2/5/21)

Europe - Stockholm
BytzVPNStockholm-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

Europe - London
BytzVPNUK-NoAds.ovpn (11/1/20)

Europe - Amsterdam
BytzVPNAmsterdam-NoAds.ovpn (04/26/24)

Europe - Frankfurt
BytzVPNGermany-NoAds.ovpn (11/1/20)

Europe - Paris
BytzVPNParis-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

Europe - Milan
BytzVPNMilan-NoAds.ovpn (10/2/23)

Europe - Madrid
BytzVPNMadrid-NoAds.ovpn (05/1/24)

Australia - Sydney
BytzVPNSydney2-NoAds.ovpn (5/2/24)

Asia - Mumbai
BytzVPNMumbai-NoAds.ovpn (6/25/21)

Asia - Singapore
BytzVPNSingapore-NoAds.ovpn (11/9/20)

Asia - Japan
BytzVPNJapan-NoAds.ovpn (08/29/21)

TOR Pool
BytzVPNTOR.ovpn (7/13/20)

Always check the BytzVPN chat on Brax.Me for additional info.
Note: Other previous profiles that are not listed have been deprecated.

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